Digital twin models
…or how virtual construction supports reality

This month, INNOVATE focuses on what is known as ‘digital twin model’ from a practical perspective: beyond explaining what it means and implies, we show a real case of how the digital twin model of Ferrovial Agroman’s Central Offices in Madrid works.

The true value of data. Before going “Big”(Data), we start step by step, transforming small (day-to-day) data into Smart Data, unifying all the information generated during the construction and operation phases of this building into a single information system for deeper analysis.

Is it possible to generate relevant and truly useful information for decision-making to optimize how a building works throughout its whole lifecycle? This key question pushes us forward in  a new approach towards more connected and efficient construction, always keeping our focus on reality, and discovering both lights and shadows of technologies, all packed up in our learnt lessons.

Click on the building below to virtually immerse in the content.