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An interview on innovation with José Carlos Esteban Blein, President & CEO at Webber

What does ‘Innovation’ mean in Webber?

“Innovation at Webber is a mean to an end. We are always looking for ways to improve, and we always say innovation helps us improve our processes, and provides better tools to our people to do a better job in their day to day tasks.

We like to bring innovation being very close to our projects, so for us, the implication of Operations is extremely important. The way we deploy innovation in Webber is associated with a very big collaboration effort between our IT teams, Engineering Services, our Project Control Teams and our Operations Teams. It’s through the collaboration of these 3 departments that we are innovating in Webber.

We like to deploy pilot projects in order to see if the innovation tools that we are considering are valuable for our Company or not.

Innovation is a key value at Webber and the path to success: in the past few years we have been constantly trying to innovate the company and yet there is more to come.”

“The way we deploy innovation in Webber is associated with a very big collaboration effort between our IT teams, our Project Control Teams and our Operations Teams, because innovation always needs to be very close to our projects”

Which would you say are the most relevant Innovative actions carried out by Webber?

  • Webber Budget and Forecasting, a tool provided by KEPION which helps us to consolidate budget revisions and do a monthly follow up about changes that happen in every project. It has been a powerful tool to consolidate all the information from the project in InSite.
  • DatuBIM, which allows to ‘see’,  in real time,  the project from a computer. It combines photos on the ground with all the engineering associated with the development of the project, which allows to do quantity take offs, to see any conflict with utilities or to do a better study of beams placement. It is a great tool to visualize the projects from the office and identify issues that could happen.
  • There is a lot of room for improvement using precast elements, so we have decided to implement a precast yard close to central Texas. The goal is to do precast elements of singular nature that cannot be found in the industry.

“Innovation is a key value at Webber and the path to success”

How do you see the future of Innovation in Webber?

“We believe we need to be very close to the needs at project level and understand what things could be improved, and also scout new technologies in the market and evaluate their evolution. We must put all our efforts in identifying those two things and try to connect them.  By scouting and seeing what is happening in the industry, we may consider deploying pilot projects to try new technologies and see if they bring value for Webber.”

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