Jorge Sanz, Head of Slovakia, presents this Project, a real innovation challenge

“D4R7 has meant a Great constructive challenge for Ferrovial, in a new geography which also implies Cultural and language barriers,  and in a singular and unique environment, which includes a series of elements to be built that pose a truly great challenge. A large number of people and teams have intervened and are intervening in this project”.

“I would like to highlight the involvement of various departments of Ferrovial in this construction, which has promoted the work to be carried out successfully. I would like to thank all of Ferrovial’s Central Office Teams, Machinery Service, Tecpresa, Ditecpesa, Ferconsa…and all of Ferrovial’s workers who have accompanied us on this project”.

Which would you say has been the most complicated challenge?

“The most important and relevant is the construction of the Bride crossing the Danube, a unique structure that comprises 3km and includes 4 bridges of different typologies and spans of different lengths.”

“This structure, due to its complexity, has been the main target for innovations to flourish, and has involved all departments to find efficient solutions.”

Exploring new geographies… You are leading a project in a radically new geography for Ferrovial, which also implies new ways of working.  Has innovation played a key role in filling in this gap?

“We have had to adapt to the reality of the country, since the procedures and the way of building is different from how it is done in other latitudes, Spain, Latin America or the English-Speaking countries”.

“Thanks to the innovations we have been able to be competitive and successful in this project”