Industrial works: Vestas Daimiel. Building where the future of energy (or the energy of the future) will emerge

In 2014, Ferrovial Construction started the extension of the industrial plant for manufacturing wind blades for Vestas Wind Turbines in Daimiel (Ciudad Real),a complex project that has finished this 2020.

Industry continues to play a key role in the context of the European Union, as defined in “A New Industrial Strategy for Europe”, leading change in an ever-changing and ever more unpredictable world. The approach of Vestas in Spain is to boost industrial development, while being coherently climate-neutral and sustainable. Ferrovial takes part in this mission building where the future of energy (or the energy of the future) will emerge.

“The main challenge has been the planning of the works with the objective of fulfilling at every moment the demanding milestones and final deadlines required by the client in such a way that the operativity of the Plant could be maintained without any decrease in the Health and Safety of both the own personnel and that of the Factory, achieving the loyalty of the Client”, explains  Manuel Rodríguez, Site Manager at Vestas.

In order to achieve this, the site team has innovated in a number of Construction elements, such as including prefabricated elements to be assembled on site to be more agile, or the need to preserve and compartmentalize the work areas of the factory’s production areas to guarantee at all times the indoor environmental conditions of temperature and relative humidity.  And it is also flying with the winds of change, adopting the compromise with energy and defining constructive proposals that search energy efficiency.

Find out more about these innovative actions and uncover the innovative tool kit for industrial works Manuel recommends.