San Ignacio Bridge in Bilbao: adaptability, perseverance and innovation

The bridge we finally built has nothing to do with the one presented in the initial project“, Alberto Val, Civil Works Manager of the Basque Country, and Enrique de las Cuevas, Site Manager, explain. This bridge had been continuously readapted and reconfigured since its conception, rethinking and recalculating the possible viable alternatives, and always providing proposals for innovative solutions that have made the project a reality today.

Not only has there been innovation in construction processes, but there has also been a commitment to improve safety, quality and the environment, all with a very positive impact on costs.

This bridge has meant the challenge of rethinking how we build bridges from innovative proposals, as explained by Pablo Loscos, from the Structures Area of the Technical Department, and Enrique de las Cuevas, with innovations in their foundations and abutments and even going so far as to propose innovative assembly procedures on land to then move the central structure of the bridge by navigating the canal to its final position.

Collaboration has been an essential element for innovation in this works. The Site Team worked alongside many of the departments in Ferrovial Construction: Bidding, Engineering Services (Structures, Geotechnics and Hydraulic Works), Machinery Service, Tecpresa, Procurement, Legal Department… all of them have demonstrated once again that innovation is a team sport.