Innovation in 


How do you innovate in Budimex?

Budimex has a lot of ways to innovate the company. Budimex provides responsible process of the systemic management of the area of ​​innovation. The main activity covers:

  • centralized and systematic collection of information on all innovative activities
  • implementation of appropriate processes and work standards for innovative projects
  • establishing mechanisms for obtaining financing
  • intellectual property management
  • commercialization of work results
  • and activating employees.

Since several years Budimex has been developing cooperation with startups. We focused on startups offering products, services and solutions in the field of innovation in energy, renewable energy sources and ecological technologies for the construction industry.

Budimex has identified key areas of innovation in which it is looking for solutions:

How do you promote innovation and encourage innovative teams?

In 2020, Budimex created central platform for registering improvements and innovative projects, available to all groups of employees in one place. Building a tool for reporting and handling ideas for innovation and improvement. As part of the solution, a database of notifications will be created and a flow enabling the control of their implementation along with information on the operators of change, costs, risks, KPIs etc. The database is also to be used to record projects implemented under the R&D relief.


Last year, Budimex took part in a competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (* The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) is involved in the implementation of national and international programmes financed from the EU structural funds, state budget and multiannual programmes of the European Commission) for the best employee initiative development programs. That program we submitted was among the winners of the Competition.


R&D TAX RELIEF. Budimex since 2017 has been implemented Research & Development tax relief. Innovation Office is responsible for R&D identification process. In 2021 we identified 42 R&D projects. In 2017-2021, 500 people were involved in R&D initiatives.  Budimex has an incentive program related to rewards for involvement in R&D projects.

A company committment with innovation. Some numbers:

R&D initiatives

in 2021

people involved in R&D initiatives