Why are we launching a new Innovation Strategy Plan?

Oour 3 main priorities are: to provide a tangible impact in business priorities in terms of competitive advantage, increased productivity and risk reduction (economic, planning and H&S among others).

I invite you to embrace this new Innovation Plan, which we will extend until 2024, and to be part of it. Because we are going to make innovation grow together, in all geographies and from the local level, embracing all departments in a transversal manner.  And so I am convinced that together, we are going to make a real impact with what we do.

Technology and innovation are some of the priorities of our strategic plan ABACUS. In Innovation, we have been working to define and develop a new strategy where we have set the priorities and main workstreams and actions to be developed in the coming 4 years. This new plan has been structured around 3 main axis: to launch initiatives in the short term and with a tangible impact in areas such as the improvement of the construction processes and digitalization; to keep an eye on the future and scout for new technologies and emerging trends in order to define adoption plans, and to reinfoce the innovative culture.

We are facing a new innovation model, which implies some significant changes.

The biggest challenge facing this plan is that innovation exerts a tangible impact. We will be activating this new strategic approach and management process to be able to share our strategic vision with the whole company to make them part of it, and to obtain an optimized investment.  This is crucial to being truly useful and putting innovation at the service of our company.

We will also be counting with new transversal functions  to serve the business. The main novelties are for example, boosting Innovation intelligence in the search of new disruptive opportunities, knowledge management or maximizing global IP and taxes benefits.

Finally, we will be having innovation enablers to accelerate the transformation through and agile execution, proximity to business and boosted culture, ecosystem and communication.

With this plan, innovation will be closer to all of us in the whole company, and it will be a transversal and integrated axis within our business. Innovation will facilitate day-to-day processes. In addition, we will focus on obtaining a return on investment with the greatest possible impact.

This plan is the result of the collaborative work of many people in all of Ferrovial Construction’s geographies…

We want to thank all of you who have participated in the definition of this new strategy for   Ferrovial Construction. And to remind you that the Innovation Departament is available to help you with any need you might have in your projects.

We have also had the support of international experts in the development of innovation strategies, as well as the collaboration of other business units  This has been key to focus on where we want to go and how we want to position ourselves.

We are confident that this plan will involve the entire company and we will soon see the first fruits of our work.