And… the day after?

W. e don’t have all the answers.

We have been forced to reconsider several aspects of our sector as a consequence of the impact of COVID-19 as citizens, as society, as a company, as agents of change, as innovators.

In INNOVATE we aim at having our own innovative toolkit with which to analyze this situation from several perspectives that impact our sector: strategy in the different geographies, best practices that may be good examples of how innovation turns great challenges to great opportunities, and extraordinary proposals of which aspects of our cities, infrastructures or even the world as a whole can be changed.

Because innovation can and will make us grow beyond limits.

This INNOVATE issue is an opportunity, not only to dream it possible, but to make it happen.

Welcome to tomorrow. Start reconsidering today.

The construction industry in the post- COVID-19 era

We discuss strategic vision with Ignacio Clopés, José Carlos Esteban Blein and Ricardo Ferreras.