Automatic system for delivery note reception at construction site


2016 → 2016

Background Information / Main Objective

In the call for the 2015 Zuritanken Awards, an innovation initiative was identified whose main objective was to optimize the delivery management process. This idea lead to the development of an application for personnel on site to record the receipt of delivery or service delivery notes in real time, capturing the most information possible at that time and ensuring the usability and speed of the process, called CAROL, Recording Delivery notes and Recording them on-line.

This is an improvement in the recording of delivery notes. A cloud environment was developed with the subcontractor to digitally record the receipt of delivery notes before their actual delivery on-site.


The improvement or novelty presented is the elimination of any human intervention in the process of collecting information from the delivery note, making the information management process faster, more reliable and secure.

The Subcontractor uploads the electronic delivery note to the cloud so that any authorized worker can access it through the app and can validate the delivery note upon its receipt on site.

There will also be an off-line mode for environments or situations without coverage, enabling the user to be mobile and accept the delivery notes at any location.

This new development will provide the site with the production information in real time without having to enter and analyse the data from the delivery notes manually. The delivery notes that are uploaded into the system are linked to the contract/orders already loaded in InSite.

The system requirements are the following:

  • Total mobility: Provide a mobile application that allows access and validation of information related to the management of delivery notes in InSite at any point of construction.
  • User experience: A friendly and easy-to-use interface that ensures usability in different working conditions and minimizes the number of interactions.
  • Offline operation: the user can work without having to be connected to the network, since all information needed has been previously obtained. When communications are restored, all information will be automatically updated.
  • Integration with Obralia: Through integration with the supplier portal, delivery notes generated by suppliers and pending validation will be preloaded.
  • Definition of the mobile architecture: The SAP SMP 3.0 solution is adopted as a mobility platform focusing on the development of a hybrid application that allows the subsequent deployment to different platforms.
  • Secure management: When dealing with sensitive information, compliance with the requirements at the authentication and authorization level and at the auditing and monitoring level is essential. The necessary services will be published in the Remote Access Service (RAS) through secure communications based on the device certificates.
  • Parametric solution: The application will be flexible in determining which fields are mandatory, visible and the order in which they will be shown, based on the work.
  • Deployment and update: through the corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, the applications will be managed and distributed to the Ferrovial Agroman smartphones.

Financial Support

Project internally financed by Ferrovial Agroman.