Supporting documentation for compliance with HAL Standards

As part of our land side roads projects at Heathrow, FAUK and any other subcontractor needs to be compliant with HAL Standards in all the stages, from Design to Installation and Handover

Background Information / Main Objective

This new Document – supporting documentation for compliance with the HAL Standard – Allowed to easily track all the outstanding design information (as per HAL standards) and follow up of all concessions.

In spite of looking a normal exercise, this generated a big surprise for these specialist subcontractors, because most of the team members were not aware of these HAL requirements.
The learning curve was very useful for all parties as there is a back log of the design and commercial impacts of these standards on the availability of PaxCons and Lifts.
In our understanding, this should be part of the Tender Stage, to avoid having any design or installation impact later in the project.

At tender stage, everyone submits proposals and price agreeing with the Scope requirements, but clearly that is not being practically implemented due to the huge amount of information, or because of the short tender periods or because of the different teams being involved on tender (sales) and after design / installation. This last point is, in our opinion, one of the key lessons learnt to be taken.


Heathrow has a very extent base of bespoke design standards and Employer’s Requirements that all contractors (and specialist contractors) and designers have to adhere to. These sometimes go beyond what the market offers as standard products.

As part of the self-certification process, FAUK and our supply chain need to validate all designs and installation against those standards and request concessions when these cannot be met.

Undertaking this assessment always proves challenging and with many stakeholders in play, issues might be picked up late at production/construction stage that were missed at early design/tender stages.

The proposed tool aims to assist in collecting all the necessary information, align scope and specialist designs and ease the review with the relevant stakeholders to prove compliance.