Smart technologies: Internet of Things

Hardware and software for connecting any sensor to any cloud platform using any wireless technology making the IoT real.

Background Information / Main Objective

We are moving in a fast evolving market where game rules are constantly in motion. The fragmentation of the IoT market is a reality to manage at any point in the whole value chain, from hardware sensors to data analytics, both in geographic areas and business development opportunities. There is a lack of clarity in terms of the standards and roles in companies. This fact has also provoked a rising demand for a horizontal perspective in a market that needs interoperability, not only related to the hardware devices but also to the communication protocols, cloud services and the applications developed in any IoT project.


The supplier Libelium® offers solutions that connect objects and information by monitoring and measuring data to then use the collected information to analyze data, and deliver real time insights for prediction and control.

IoT control devices can be used to monitor weather conditions, ambiance conditions (atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, anemometer, pluviometer and wind vane, air quality, gas concentrations, emission levels, radiation levels… ) and environment conditions to then help, with the matched data, make better informed decisions.

The project is based on wireless sensor networks.

Once the data is collected, it its then integrated into computer and mobile applications or cloud-based software that allows to connect and analyze data, and delivering real time insights in terms of detection.