InSight Digital Asset Monitoring

Big Data to develop predictivity solutions

Background Information / Main Objective

Industrial companies are using big data analytics in ways that impact the bottom line – from asset optimization resulting from proactive management through operations optimization derived from analytic insights. Predictivity solutions are leading the way to enable powerful financial impacts along the full spectrum of analytic adoption across multiple business lines.

InSight connects people and data to provide a total system view of performance, and can alert operators to flow changes and other problem indicators. The platform also uses powerful analytics to resolve critical issues, prevent problems before they occur, and optimize operations for greater productivity, reliability, and reduced costs.


InSight*, GE Monitoring & Diagnosics software combines advanced data and analytics to help you make better business decisions, reduce unplanned downtime, and lower operating costs. InSight is a subscription based platform that uses secure remote monitoring technology to get crucial information into the hands of the people who need it, ensuring your water and process operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

InSight takes all your plant’s data and makes it available for trending and analysis in one place. You will have access to InSight’s embedded analytics workspace with the tools to go beyond time-based trending to extract more valuable and actionable information from plant data. Additionally, you will receive weekly plant performance reports and daily alarm notifications to identify emerging problems early so that action can be taken before an issue occurs.



The InSight analytics workspace allows you to go beyond time-based trending to uncover more valuable and actionable information, understand underlying causal factors of the plant, and manage issues before they impact operations.The analytics workspace is what drives a truly predictive management approach to plant management.

Multiple Platforms

InSight is a web based software and can be accessed from anywhere in the world on demand. Rest assured knowing that you can access InSight using your computer, tablet or smart phone across all operating systems.

 Alarm Notifications

InSight features a daily InSight Key Performance Indicator (KPI) alarm summary, delivered via email, alerting you and your staff of parameters that have fallen outside of normal operating range and high-lighting the severity and frequency of the alarms. The alarm summary will help you quickly detect, un-derstand and troubleshoot process and equipment issues, even while offsite or away from the HMI.

Can be used in the following sectors


Asset Optimization

Continuously analyze data from multiple sensors on aircraft components and systems, to warn of imminent problems so proactive maintenance can be applied.

Operations Optimization

Identify efficiencies to help customers reduce up to 2% of annual fuel bills with fuel management technology combined with big data insights.


Asset Optimization

Collect and analyze performance data during locomotive operations, automating diagnostics, and root cause analysis to enable optimal and proactive repairs and maximize reliability and availability.

Operations Optimization

Unlock network and operational efficiencies, enabling increased capacity and velocity, reduced dwell-time, and improvements in operating ratio.

Oil and Gas

Asset Optimization

Monitor oil and gas field machinery, plants, and fleets from a single secure access point, gaining insights into equipment wear to enable customers to improve maintenance planning and management.

Operations Optimization

Connect field inspectors with experts anywhere in the world through secure, real-time video links and collaboration tools, virtually bringing valued experts to the site.

Power Generation

Asset Optimization

Identify potential barriers before they occur with more than 100 physical and 300 virtual sensors on turbine engines.

Treat minor issues before they lead to catastrophic events and dynamically adjust performance to enable reduction in wear and improvements in efficiency.

Operations Optimization

Maximize availability of operations with advanced monitoring and analytics combined with leading edge technology, helping customers to increased uptime to deliver power, additional revenue opportunities, potential capacity payments, and lower maintenance costs.


Asset Optimization

Analyze thousands of data points on a wind turbine every second, enabling customers to drive higher power output through improved positioning and operation.

Operation Optimization

Enable increased power output of a wind farm by adjusting performance dials that include speed,torque, pitch, aerodynamics, and turbine controls.

Power Distribution

Asset Optimization

Monitor and manage utility meters across customer landscape to enable customers to protect revenues from diversion, ensure power reliability, and perform load forecasting.

Operations Optimization

Alert and deploy IT and OT personnel. Present timely and relevant dashboards, reports, and applications that all utility professionals can use at their desks, in the control room, or remotely on their handhelds and tablets.


Asset Optimization

Capture, track, report, and monitor locations of mobile hospital assets.

Operations Optimization

Reduce wait states and replace disparate hospital operations with a single system that functions like an air traffic control system for a hospital.


Asset Optimization

Detect and diagnose impending problems with predictive analytics before they happen, up to ten weeks before other systems, assiting customers to improve asset availability from 1-15%.

Operations Optimization

Provide exception-based notifications of equipment anomalies, process variations and inefficiencies for every piece of equipment and every process in the mining environment.

Water & Process Technologies

Asset Optimization

Capture, visualization, and analysis of chemical and physical data from water and process streams to enable production assets to operate with maximum throughput and efficiency.

Operations Optimization

Enable systems to be operated under new conditions, with less demand for fresh water, or highly variable process feed stocks, with minimized total cost while meeting production,environmental, and sustainability objectives.


Asset Optimization

Capture food safety key performance indicators from strategic assets to deliver data and insights to the right people at the right time for informed decisions and compliance.

Operations Optimization

Enable employees to take proactive steps in avoiding issues before they happen based on timely operational data and insights at a site and across the  enterprise, resulting in quality, safety, and productivity gains.