Green light system on Plant

Site plant is fitted with a highly visible green light that flashes when the plant is safe to approach as the moving plant has been disengaged

Background Information / Main Objective

The green lights have been fitted onto the front of the operators cab on all excavators and plant on site and when activated shows that the plant has been neutralised. The green light activates when the plant hydraulics have been isolated by the operator through the lever on the operators console Ground Crews that are working in conjunction with excavators know when the Green Light is on and Positive Contact has been made with the Operator, it is then safe to approach, Hook up / Unhook Pipes / Loads etc.


Plant striking personnel has been identified as one of the biggest on site safety risk. Site excavators have had a flashing green light installed that activates when the hydraulics isolator on the driver’s console has been engaged. In doing so workers on foot and in light vehicles can be assured that they can approach within the operational radius of the plant without any risk of being impacted by movement of any piece of the plant.