Establish a series of internal processes, through selected tools that allow each department to have the necessary information in a timely manner in order to analyze each scenario that is generated in the contractual terms with the client and in the time required for internal reporting.

A problem...

Today’s contracts are very dynamic, with a large and continuous flow of information, generated by different entities, with multiple people and profiles in each of these organizations. In order to be as efficient as possible in decision making, the data to be analyzed must be correctly structured and available in the shortest possible time to be able to analyze different scenarios, until the best viable solution is selected.

The  reality today is that there is no computer program that can meet the needs of all the departments of a construction contract. Because of this, the information and its data is generated by various means, with difficulty in transferring the information between them. Delaying the analysis of data and reducing the viable time for decision making, in order to meet the deadlines set in our construction contracts with external and internal customers.

...and a solution

In the “VM20 Building” contract executed by Ferrovial Construction Chile, a series of tools and work procedures have been implemented to make information available immediately in order to avoid errors during the execution of the various executive and administrative tasks.

From the beginning of the contract in 2018, various tools have been searched, selected or created that allow to have the information created by each department in a functional way for each of them, and at the same time that it can be available in a clear and orderly manner for the rest of those involved in the contract. For this purpose, since the beginning of the project, several programs such as Aconex/Iconstruye/Dalux have been contracted. At the same time we have been using programs already set by the company such as Insite/Access/Presto/Powerbi/Revit/Project…At the same time that the tools to be used were defined, training courses were given to the contract staff on how to use them. As an example, during the contract, massive Revit/Access/Powerbi/Powerbi/Presto/Aconex/Project/Dalux/Navisworks/Dynamo courses have been provided. This process of tool selection and training of the contract staff has generated the implementation and creation of new tools that fit the contractual needs.

Thus, in 2018, the “Application for linking with the environment” was created and won an award at the Innovate Awards that year. Subsequently, during 2019 and 2020 other tools were developed, such as the “Interactive analysis of economic planning”, through the interaction of Insite and Powerbi, the “Management system of new economic files compatible with Insite”, through the interaction of Insite and Access and Presto, the “Application of work monitoring”, through forms. All of them were presented at the Innovate Awards in 2020.

During this year 2021 “Ferronexo” has been created through the interaction of Revit, Access and Dalux. And we are developing the automatic generation of reports deliverable to the client through the information generated by the rest of the tools of the various departments, as well as the real executive control of the Project program through the digital protocols generated by Dalux.