Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) – Traffic Management Crew.

Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) are becoming an increasingly common sight in today’s society

Background Information / Main Objective

In some of the recent Landside Schemes (3C and 4) there were some incidents with the Traffic Management Crew with private and public vehicles (taxi or buses) generating some disruption in site works, therefore, further investigations with HAL and FAUK’s supply chain was required.

Trying to mitigate this, after some forward planning and investigation, it was agreed with Conways that their traffic management crew was going to start using Body-Camera devises, in order to record and trace potential site conflicts.

Body-worn cameras are merely a tool for improving community relations; they are not a solution in themselves. But body cameras are an important tool, one that will help the work continue to transform the relationship between site work and community for the better. They are not the final step in transparency, but they are a big step toward it.

The idea was to incorporate these practices into FAUK team, for a better work environment.


1.Improve transparency
3.Responsibility engagement,
4.Traceability of records,