Flying drones in the US

Por Pascual Pla

Why drones?

Automatic flight plan: We prepare a personalized flight plan for the drone Sirius Pro with MAVinci software so that the only manual action for this Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is launching it.

Manual and assisted checkpoints.

Checklists before getting started…

  • Assembly
  • Configuring camera and Surface control
  • Disassembly

Exporting georeferenced photos with the drone’s GPS RTK

Information is processed with PIX4D mapper

How is information treated and combined?

  • Importing aereal pictures (ortophotos)
  • Creation of cloud points.
  • Importing information from Google Earth to update drone flight with photometry

Main achievements/ Advantages

  • Allows to verify the quality of data
  • Easier and faster measurements
  • Data integration: connects data in a fast and easy way: from the field to the office, from the office back to the field with Autodesk, Bentley or Topcon.
  • Optimizes most used routines and guarantees a simple and fast data connection