Top 5 examples of innovative inititives in Budimex

1. Health & Safety: detection of employees with RFID tags.

Objective: Conducting tests of safety system based on active RFID which reduce the probability of hitting an employee by heavy machinery. The system alerts the operator when the employee enters the dangerous zone near the machine (blind spot) thanks to the markers placed on the helmet that are recognized by the control unit in the cabin.

Status. Proof of concept conducted at the construction site of LK 139 Czechowice-Dziedzice and the construction of the S1 Pyrzowice – Kosztowy road have been completed. The results of the pilot were presented to an executive committee. It was not decided to implement the solution globally in Budimex because of the pricing, but the technology has been identified as possible to be implemented locally if necessary.

2. R&D PROJECT – Construction of the Vistula collector realizing with Capital City of Warsaw and Municipal water and sewage company.

The Vistula collector will be made using the microtunnelling method – it will be the longest channel of this diameter (from 1.2 m to 3.2 m) made in this way in Poland. Its task will be to store excess sewage and rainwater flowing from the left-bank area of ​​Warsaw during heavy rainfall.

3. 7 new BIM initiatives in 2021

Budimex BIM Innovation Team develops BIM models for the needs of preparing an offer and for implemented investments, and creates BIM standards that allow the use of models during design, construction and operation by various departments of the company, supports construction management in the use of 3D / BIM models on specific contracts (assigns a BIM coordinator to the construction site) and develops three leading technologies at Budimex construction sites:

  • mobile devices
  • 3D scanning
  • CDE (Common Data Environment), more broadly IPD (Integrated Project Delivery).

These seven projects are developing BIM technology in combination with many other technology areas such like 3D measurement or CDE (Common Data Environment). Budimex promotes individual development of the BIM BT team’s work standard in the field of BIM technology, and is searching for new solutions and their testing / implementation in the field of mobility, As-built models as a database for facility management – pilot projects.

4. Digitalization at construction sites in Budimex

One of the most important innovation process in Budimex is digitization of processes related to the construction of linear facilities, including:

  • a system of self-service weighing machines fully synchronized with the truck scale, replacing the role of weighing workers
  • SED application (System of Record of Delivery) – a tool necessary to control the information displayed on the weighing machine.
  • Navifleet system – a system enabling the monitoring of vehicles moving around the construction site thanks to the installed GPS device.

This project is lead by Budimex IT Team.

5. Budimex Startup Challenge – One of the most important open innovation initiatives

In 2021, Budimex celebrated the I Edition of the StartUp Challenge competition for entrepreneurs and young technology companies offering products, services or solutions in the field of energy, renewable energy sources or ecological technologies for the construction industry

40 submitted projects –>     10 chosen projects –>     5 awarded projects

Budimex is already cooperating with the companies awarded in the first edition and is planning to launch the II edition this 2022, focused on the following areas: Energy in construction, Effective waste management, Reduction of Carbon footprint, Circular Economy, Energy storage, Renewable sources and Another area of ecology in construction.

New initiative – Budimex as a mentor. Talent incubator program for young scientists

As part of building the image of an innovative company, this year the program of incubating young talents was launched. Budimex offered an internship and a sponsorship agreement with the OSATeam members.  OSATeam is team of 4 talented high school graduates, who won competition organized by the European Space Agency. The prototype of air sampling probe they created, has been proclaimed the best construction. Team members want to develop their skills in the innovative industry.

Our support will enable OSATeam to create concepts and prototype solutions, especially in the area of ​​monitoring and reducing CO2, which is in line with the company’s ESG strategy and one of the strategic areas of development activities in modern construction which is leading by Budimex.