Communication to win

By Marisol Lorenzo and Patricia Fernández Bernabeu, representing Ferrovial Construction’s Communication Team

W . hen March flourished, none of us could even imagine that in a couple of weeks we would be living the worst health/sanitary crisis in the history of our country (Spain) that we would be facing a National State of Alarm forcing us to stay at home during at least, a month.

But we have had to face this crisis. And it is during a crisis when Comms teams in companies must meet their ultimate objective: stay truthful and bring the company all the possible reliable information, and keep updating it, as our responsibility with employees and with society.

Our communication channels remain the same: Ferronet, email or newsletters, but the content has radically changed: what was important yesterday, seems meaningless today. When our lives and the lives of our loved ones are at risk, everything else fades smoothly to the background.  We focus our attention on what’s vital today.

But in this era, where information overload can lead to infoxication and have the opposite effect of what we are looking for, we cannot and will not let ourselves be guided by the overwhelming feeling of crisis. It is time to be coordinated and work, to have virtual conversations and share, to reinforce teamwork so that our efforts can be 100% effective, to avoid overloading with information that agitates instead of reconforting, that saturates instead of being clarifying.

Today more than ever, we remain close to our business, proving meaningful and, above all, being at the service of all the people who make it possible. We are at your disposal for whatever you may need, you are and will always be our priority. That’s why we would like to give visibility to all the efforts from different teams that are being carried out and to recognize them and thank them.

Starting with the IT and Communications Department, who have done their best to make this happen- we can now be writing this from our homes, safely- , Human Resources and Health & Safety Departments, who are restlessly working to keep all of us Safe, Procurement Department, who have been managing the acquisition of sanitary materials to donate it, and, of course, all of you who are keeping this going from your position, guaranteeing critical essential services.

Our innovative approach has been trying to inform and stay positive, avoiding information overload, trying to find news in everyday work, staying close to our people- who are now vital for our business. All this done safely from the accepted distance this COVID19 allows us but as close to your hearts.

Only empathy and solidarity will help us in this difficult moment. We will only be strong enough together.

Ferrovial Construction Comms Team
Irene Astorqui, Patricia Fernández Bernabéu, Marta Sevilla and Marisol Lorenzo