NODUM: Traffic Management Software

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Nodum is a traffic management software that changes the perspective of the process used nowadays. A new website platform, registered as is used as the channel of communication between all parties involved in the traffic management of a highway construction project.

Every time a construction operation is performed in a traffic area, the related road must be closed and all vehicles must be detoured to a new route. This may be a simple process, but when one is talking about a whole construction project, there is a high chance that the detours may conflict with each other, making it impossible to perform all the desired operations.

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Javier Devesa receives the award for the innovation presented together with Alberto Molne.


Detection of traffic conflicts during construction

Replicable in other highway and road projects and can be used all the way through the project

Reduction of costs and life of the project

Minute updates of the traffic situation, very useful for contractor, client and final user.

  • Programmed Traffic interruptions are notified in the users’ mobile phones
  • Visual graphic system with colours to detect traffic